Graduation Reflection 2013

Last night on December 16th 2013, we had our Year 6 graduation. We were all dropped off at the Moonee Valley Legends for dinner. I was so nervous but when I walked in everyone looked nervous too so it wasn’t that bad. I sat next to Grace and Amelia, two of my really good friends from this year. Everyone looked really nice and fancy and it was hilarious seeing the boys in their suites. For dinner I had a chicken parma and for desert there was ice cream with fruit . After that we walked back to the school for the ceremony.


When we were lining up outside I felt so nervous I could have melted on the spot. We walked around in a loop and sat in our seats in roll order. The school captains, Jack, Amelia and Julian were called up to give a short speech before they showed the video that Stephanie, Jesse, Luke and I had worked on over the past 10 weeks. It featured everyone giving answers to our favourite memory, most embarrassing moment, feelings about High School and what we will take with us. The audience was nearly in tears but these were tears of laughter. I have to admit, some of the answers made me laugh too.


The next thing was handing out the scrolls to show we had successfully completed the school year. I was trembling when I had to walk up there because I am not that confident with an audience.Then Grace gave her Valedictorian Speech that I’m pretty sure blew everyone away which is what I expected because Grace such a talented writer. Her speech really sums up what everyone wanted to say with bigger and stronger words. We then had the Specialists Awards that went to Tommy for P.E, Sozoe for Visual Art, Lilly for Italian, Stephanie for Performing Arts and Luke for Better Buddies. There was also an Accedemic Award that went to Julian, an Excellance Award that went to Eleanor and the DUX award was awarded to Amelia who’s name will be in gold letters in the foyer.


After all the awards had been given and after Grace’s speech , the year 6’s went out for the final fairwell. Everyone was anxious to know what this suprise was! The song Like A Drum by Guy Sebastian started to play and we walked out with out heads held high. Then we started our secret dance routine that we had secretly been practicing since the start of term. All the parents immediantly began to take photos and videos of us. I couldn’t help but smile and blush from my embarrassment. The worst part was the partner dancing because I have never done anything like that in my life. I was trying my hardest not to run away screaming and luckily I didn’t because it would have ruined what turned out to be a great performance.


I felt very sad at the end when I was taking photos even though I knew I had to smile. I was finally starting to miss everyone even though there are 4 more days left. This year has been truly unforgetable and even though some times have been tough, we managed to come out alive and in one piece. Sometimes even when things don’t go to plan, they turn out to be better than expected. I had a fantastic night celebrating and taking photos with all my friends.


Here is a link to Grace’s blog so you can be blown away like everybody else!




100 Word Challenge #15

The first time I met Milly McDonald I instantly thought artist. She was covered head to toe in bright paint splatters. She approached me with the biggest smile I had ever seen, but that was 6 years ago now. We are both 12 and coincidentally have the same birthday. It was a cold day on the winter break when we were cleaning her bedroom. I struggled to move a heavy wardrobe and that’s when I saw it. That’s when I saw a door. We opened it and when we went inside we saw heaps and heaps of art supplies and a canvas. I could tell it was Milly’s dream.

Behind The News – Nelson Mandela :)

These days sport is much different to what it used to be. Before everyone had a chance to play, only people with a certain colored skin were allowed to be on the team. But sport wasn’t the only issue. People of different races were only allowed to live in certain areas, have specific jobs and go to particular schools because of something called apartheid.

Nelson Mandela was one of many to notice how bad this was but one of the few who made significant change. He and other tried to protest against this to the government but was them put in jail for all of his life. Even when he wasn’t there people kept trying to fight against apartheid. In 1990, after he was in jail for 27 years the South African president let him out. He got the nobel peace prize straight afterwards and that later ended apartheid but he was also elected the first black president of South Africa.

Unfortunately he passed away just recently on December 5th, 2013. He will always be remembered as a great leader who really changed the way we act and feel today.

If you would like to know more here is the link to the video:


MathsMate Term 4 Sheet 8 #22

Predict: I predict that it will be about money.

Read: Which deal costs less?

A] 75c for 500 ml

B] $2 for 2L

Clarify: I don’t have anything to clarify.

Maths Toolbox: Break the problem into manageable parts.

Big question: Which deal is better?

Solve: The first thing I noticed was that 500ml is 1 quarter of 2 liters, so for A to be the better deal, 75 cents has to be less than 1 quarter of $2. 200 divided by 4 is 50 and 75 cent is more than that so B is the better deal.


MathMate Term 4 Sheet 7 #22

Predict: I predict this will be about money and multiplication

Read: Which deal costs less?

A – $32 for 4l

B- $8.50 for 1l

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

Big Question: Which deal is better?

Maths Toolbox: Prior knowledge

Solve: By using my prior knowledge I know that 8 goes into 32 4 times but 8.5 is more than a quarter of 32. If it was $8 for 1 litre, it would be the same as $32 for 4 litres but its more than that so A is the better deal.

The Five Big Questions: The First Book of Samuel

Big Question #1: What makes this story good?

I think that this book proves that the author takes a lot of time before she begins to write a new chapter. She clearly went over what she read and that is part of what really made this book enjoyable for me. Another thing that made it good is that it includes a whole heap of drama that is sometimes unnecessary but its funny when characters make the wrong choices and only notice they did when the damage is done.

Big Question #2: What would make this story better?

If the book didn’t always have the unnecessary drama it would make it easier to keep up with. Sometimes it feels like the author just wants someone to get hurt in the book by including new characters that interfere with the current plan. At one stage in the middle of the book I felt there were a few too many characters which made it difficult to read.

Big Question #3: What’s the one most important thing the author wants you to know? 

I think the author really wants the audience to understand that the most important thing is family and  nothing should come between you and you parents or siblings. This book proves that Samuel only really enjoyed life when he trusts his family and really cared for them.

Big Question #4: Why did the author write this? 

I think the author wrote this to show that you should believe that things will get better and that even in your darkest times you should have hope. This book proves that when you don’t have hope, nothing can get better.

Big Question #5: What does  the audience need to know to understand and enjoy this story?

The audience needs to know that the that all the things Elkanah, Hannah, Pearl, Elias and Samuel do aren’t always correct. Particularly Elkanah because he cheated on Hannah which is wrong. It’s not always best to do what you first decide and you should always think things through before you go and do it. 

100WC Week 12

Dear Children,

I am very sorry to hear what you have recently had to go through. I hope you  know that we are all thinking of you and hoping that you will get better. No matter what happens, always have hope and courage and know that things will only get better. You may have lost family and friends and some people might not know what that feels like but the most important thing to do is stay as safe as possible. I wish you all the best and that you and everyone else will get better soon. Stay strong and positive.



MathsMate Term 4 Sheet 6 #24

Predict: I predict this will be about multiplication

Read: Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

Big Question: Complete the multiplication sum.

Maths Toolbox: Prior Knowledge

Solve: I know that 6×3 is 18, so I carried the one and put down the 8. Then I timed 3 by 1 which is 3, and 2 times 3 which is 6. The answer is 215 times 3 = 638.

MathsMate Term 4 Sheet 5 #22

Predict: I predict this problem will be about money

Read: Which deal costs less per gram? A) $5 for 500g or B) $3 for 250g?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

Big Question: Which is the best deal?

Maths Toolbox: Prior knowledge, Do I know a similar problem

Solve: I know that 250g times 2  is 500g which would cost you $6, but for A you would only have to pay $5 for for 500g so therefore A is the better deal.